From the recording Pushed

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The room is spinning and I gotta catch my breath
Asphyxiation brings me to my knees
My heart is racing,my blood is churnin'
My heads on fire and my skin is burnin'
And I know you got my remedy


This affliction it consumes me
Like a fire from deep inside
Baby show me what you got
And let me take you for a ride
Baby do me right
And let me take you to the places that you've never been
Slip between my sheets now honey
And let me taste your skin

The pressures built the heat is rising
People banging on the wall
Oh little death I feel you come upon me
Like I'm just about to fall


Now that all is said and the deal is done
Out the door, back on the streets
We had our fun
Spark me up a cigarette as I head on down the way
With my trust in you I kill the day ~

Reapeat chorus X1

Copyright 2003 A. McBrayer/J. Calhoun ALL RIGHTS RESERVED