Low Earth Orbit "Pushed"
By Yahoo! Shopping User May 23, 2006
Pros: Great Debut CD
Cons: NONE!!
Wonderful Debut disk by Guitarist Anthony "Tony" McBrayer. The Songs "Mary""Go Back Now" & "Run" are by far my favorites. "Go Back Now" , I don't really know what he was writing about but I can fe...el his pain in these lyrics. I think anyone who listens to this song will get a feeling of emotion that will either take them back to something or make them feel uplifted for surviving something. All I can say is that his guitar playing on songs like "Broken Words" & "Mary" is a real breathe of fresh air. He's not trying to be the next "Steve Vai" or the next "Zakk Wylde" but nontheless it still very potent in its delivery of feeling and emotion.That's what is missing now in guitar & music, is players who can not only play along with the melody or story but who can deliver the same true emotion out of the guitar while doing this! Not since early Clapton & Duane Allman and even a few shining moments of Slash in his heyday, Also brings to mind guys like a young Gary Moore. Not a lot out today that even comes close for me!!I think this is Good Solid Hard Rock that leans towards the early Metal front of ol'. Thanks!
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Low Earth Orbit


01. FAIRYTALE ABUSE - Vivid The Blood Ill-Natured
02. DANKO JONES - Code Of The Road
03. NAER MATARON - Death Cast A Shadow Over You
04. DEAD SHAPE FIGURE - Blithering Icon
05. ATROX - No Coil For Tesla
06. BLAKK MARKET - The Weel Keeps Turning (Demo)
07. KACHANA - The Plains Of Illyricum
08. SHYLOCK - Lovers In Chains
09. SWORN ENEMY - A Place Of Solace
10. KARELIA - Restless
11. PROJECT: FAILING FLESH - Through The Broken Lens
12. MORGANA LEFAY - Aberration Of Mind
14. LOW EARTH ORBIT - Go Back Now
15. EVILE - Killer From The Deep
16. GOD FORBID - Soul Engraved
17. THE EXPLOITED - Fuck The System
18. RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER - Grab A Shovel (We Have Got Bodies To Bury)
19. THE BLOODHOUND GANG - Kids In America
20. THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE - The Greatest Bane