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From the recording The Moneyshot EP

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<font color="#ff0000"><strong>Wrong Answer <br />
All words &amp; music by: Tony McBrayer <br />
All guitars: Tony</strong> </font><font color="#ff0000"><strong>McBrayer <br />
</strong><br />
She runs the moonlight </font><br />
<font color="#ff0000">She runs the air <br />
<br />
Crystals &amp; Talismans <br />
And I don't care <br />
<br />
Strange how the water flows <br />
Across her hair <br />
<br />
Well I've seen so many things <br />
that people shouldn't see <br />
<br />
It's close to Midnight <br />
and I see her face <br />
<br />
Movin' thru shadows <br />
until I play <br />
</font><br />
Yeah~&nbsp;<br />
<br />

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