From the recording Pushed

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Somewhere down by the riverside
That's where I lost my mind
You got me climbin' mountains
Again in my time
I can't go
I can't see the light
Tear me down just to build me up
Till I loose my mind


I can't go back now
I can't look away
I can't go back now
I can't look away

Shot me twice from the blindside
Why all this trouble
So damn tired of fighting
Soul searchin till the end
Soul searchin till the end

Repeat ChorusX2
Guitar Solo

People lie it's out nature
Although I've known a few
Who turned there backs on me
Who knows maybe its true
Maybe I'm just a fool
Maybe they'd left me for dead
Nobody really knows
But I feel like I'm dead

Guitar solo
Repeat Chorusx1

Words & Music A.McBrayer
All Guitars : A. McBrayer
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved