From the recording Pushed

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Up here looking down
I see the faces
I know their names ~ I'm the clown in this town
It's anybodies game
Loaded questions ~ Alibi's New Confessions Sold
Must be good to Plain to see And Now I'm on a roll


Broken Words ~ Over me
Into the Sun ~ Let it Bleed
Take me away ~ So far away
I feel the hate ~ Makin' Me

Over me that's what I need
Day after Day Scars on my face
Deuces wild or so they say
Road trip to clear my evils ways
Hollywood & Vine ~ Sunset Strip
New York City 1 AM

Reapeat Chorusx1

Wonderland's on fire & everybody knows
Wear the crown strong & proud till you take a fall
So afraid of all I see ~ Solet's chip the stone
Wake the dead ~ And part the Sea's & Listen to them Grown

Repeat Chorus x2
Guitar Solo

Lyrics : A. McBrayer
Music : D. Milas & A. McBrayer
Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved